Top Artists of Dark Wave Music

Dark wave music first appeared in the late 1970s in the German Music industry and can be described as the genre of music that mainly has gothic rock influences along with a few incorporations of new wave and synthpop, mainly referencing to the post-punk bands that tend to culminate a very dark atmosphere with their music. A significantly dark atmosphere doesn’t necessarily mean that the songs are triggering or not good, rather quite the opposite. This article is mainly to throw some light on some of the top artists if the Dark Wave music genre.

Some of them who top the list are:

  • Dead Can Dance:

Don’t be intimidated by the name of the group, formed in the year 1981 in Melbourne, Australia by three musicians namely Brendan Perry, Simon Monroe and Paul Erikson. This group has been quite famous for their songs like “The Host Of Seraphim,” “The Ubiquitous Mr. Lovegrove” and the list goes on. Their group later gained another member Lisa.

  • Blutengal:

The name of the group may be translated as “Blood Angel” in English. This band was formed back in 1998 in Berlin, Germany and their main genres of music included Gothic, FuturePop, Darkwave and EBM.

  • Diene Lakaien:bandfoto-deine-lakaien

Another famous Darkwave band was formed in the year 1985 in Germany and includes Alexander Veljanov as the lead vocalist and Ernst Horn as the composer/pianist/drummer. Some of their famous tracks include “Love Me To The End,” “Return,” “Over and Done” and several more.

  • Lacrimosa:

This duo-group comprising of German-born Tino Wolff as the lead composer and Finnish Anne Nurmi was formed in the year 1990 and are very popular acclaimed for their song “Alleine zu zweit.” One of their most famous and sold albums was “Elodia.”

  • Das Ich:

This duo-group was formed after several experimentations by their members until whom they got tired of it all and decided to form a group in 1989. The group includes Stefan Ackermann as the vocalist and lyricist and Bruno Kramm on the instruments. Some of their top tracks include “Engel,” “Destillat” etc. “Antichrist” and “Cabaret” was some of their most well-known albums.

  • Switchblade Symphony:

Switchblade symphony is yet another critically acclaimed Trip-Hop/Gothic Band in the Darkwave circle and one of their most popular tracks was “Witches and Sheep” and even some of the songs in their punk/Goth hybrid style.

  • Depeche Mode:

This band has been holding a very eminent place in the darkwave circle back from the 80s and they were one of the very first groups who released their very first album with the mention of “darkwave” on the covers. The tracks and records are something that every Goth/punk/darkwave music lover cherishes.

  • The Cure:

Last but not the least, Robert Smith’s vocals for this post-punk and gothic rock band has never failed to draw people’s attention with the dark yet meaningful tracks that the band was released. The idea of the band was originally inspired by the likes of “The Banshees” and “And Also the Trees.”

Dark wave is a term used in music to show music that makes use of new elements or synthesizers and synthpop. The term is however used to refer to bands that are based on post-punk and those that relate to the dark ambiance. The label of dark wave first appeared in Germany in the year 1970, and its appearance was a coincidence with a new wave then and post-punk. Based on the aforementioned principles, it is suffice to say that dark wave makes use of retrospective lyrics and a sorrow undertone in some of the bands that it is played on.

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