Some Of The Popular Darkwave Music Artists

Understanding and appreciating darkwave music can be a bit of a daze because not many people are familiar with the genre of music and thus may not appreciate the artists. We are here to give you an idea and throw some light on some of the best darkwave music artists over the years.

A bit about it:

If you are not familiar with what darkwave music is, let us give a bit of an idea. Darkwave is the genre of music that mainly is the collaboration between gothic, post-punk and synth pop kind of music. They can be best described as the wave of emotions tied together with a string of words creating a dark and gloomy ambiance.

Some of the most popular artists are:

  • Clan of Xymox:

They are a collaborative mix who make a blend of music with a mix of darkwave, synth pop and gothic rock and were formed back in 1983 in Nijmegen. Some of their most popular tracks include “A Day,” “Jasmine and Rose,” “Louise” etc. they have released some of albums, “Hidden Faces” and “Clan of Xymax” being the most popular ones.

  • Sopor Aeterneus and the Ensemble of Shadows:

a4199897839_10They were officially formed in Germany in the year 1989 and since then have released a number of albums and records that every Goth or darkwave music lover is familiar with. Some of the most popular tracks include “The Feast of Blood,” “No-one is there” and many more. Some of their albums were very popular back in the days, “Dead Lover’s Sarabande” bring one of the most popular one.

  • Lacrimosa:

Lacrimosa is a duo group which was formed back in 1990 by German-born Tilo Wolff and Finnish artist and composer Anne Nurmi. This is one of the few darkwave bands whose records are still quite famous in the present day. Some of their most popular songs include “Halt mich”, “The turning point” and “Lichtgestalt”. Elodia was their first released album.

  • Wolfsheim:

This German band is the perfect amalgamation of New Romantic and Synth pop and “Once in a Lifetime” and “The sparrows and the nightingales” are some of the most popular tracks

  • She wants revenge:

As much as an odd fit the name might sound as this post-punk / darkwave duo group from Los Angeles was formed in the year 2005 and has Justin Warfield as the lead vocalist and Adam Bravin on the instruments. “Tear you apart” is one of their most popular tracks.

  • Dream Affair:

Dream Affair was supposed to be a solo project that was initiated by Void Vision, but it later became a three piece band in the year 2011 and since then has been delivering several tracks and records, “Endless Days” being one of their most popular tracks.a3719036369_10

  • Der Noir:

The band was formed in the year 2011 in Italy and released their debut record named “A Dead Summer” in which they used vintage machines and several equipments for the harmony and sound of their album which was definitely a unique step.

Dark wave is a term used in music to show music that makes use of new elements or synthesizers and synthpop. The term is however used to refer to bands that are based on post-punk and those that relate to the dark ambiance. The label of dark wave first appeared in Germany in the year 1970, and its appearance was a coincidence with a new wave then and post-punk. Based on the aforementioned principles, it is suffice to say that dark wave makes use of retrospective lyrics and a sorrow undertone in some of the bands that it is played on.

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