What do you mean by dark wave?

This is an umbrella term that is used to refer to a movement that was started in the ‘70s. The inauguration of dark wave was coincidental with the starting of two famous genres of music namely post-punk music and new wave music. Founded on the basis of the two genres of music, dark wave maneuvered its own way and made its famous lyrics that mainly had darkness or a dark connotation. The connection between dark wave with the developments of musical styles in the ‘70s and the ‘80s cannot be ignored. Within the movement of dark wave, there emerged a subculture that was versatile and it was interconnected with the dark wave movement. The members of the versatile group were referred to as dark wavers or simply wavers. In order for dark wave to have substantial recognition in the Goth rock culture, the developers of the dark wave movement incorporated some scenes of the Goth scene so as to adequately connect with the subculture of Goth rock.

How has dark wave developed in the United States of America?

Dark wave was started in Germany. However, this does not mean that the movement is still within the confines of the walls of Germany. The dark wave movement first entered the United States in the year 1986 for the first time. At that time, the dark wave act that was very prominent and featuring every now and then was the Eleven Pond. The Eleven Pond managed digbil-faqsto release a single album in the same year. The album they released was called Bas Relief.

Fast forward to 1993 where the dark wave movement was associated with label of Projekt records. This is because Projekt Records used the name and printed it on their catalogues. The name was later used to publicize German artists such as Pitchfork Project. Projekt in the United States has some artist bands such as Love Spirals Downwards, Black Tape for a Blue Girl, and Lycia. Most of these bands are dominated by voices of females. They take their style of doing music from the ancient bands such as Cocteau twins. The Projekt label is also strongly associated with Attrition (slow destruction). Attrition was first seen on the early labels that were being tested for the market in the United States. Another label that was seen in the dark wave in the United States was Tess Records. Tess Records included some bands such as faith and the Muse and this ascension. Moreover, Clan of Xymox signed for the Tess Records band in the year 1997.

Dark wave towards the 2000s faced a lot of change. This was to enable it accommodate the youthful generation as well as the old. The change was mainly aimed at changing the display in most of the music that the dark wave movement did. It was believed that dark wave was somehow demonic and this had to be corrected. The movement incorporated some renowned beats so as to erase the public negativity of the movement.