Best Darkwave Music Releases Till Date

DarkWave or Goth is a genre of music that is very easily misinterpreted and taken as the kind of music that is triggering and very dark for someone to indulge their interests into. It is definitely a very wrong idea because Goth music is something very expressive and full of mentions, maybe sometimes a bit triggering but very well illustrated emotions. While we speak about this genre of music, it will be best to talk about some of the best tracks that have been released till date.

Some of the best darkwave tracks released till date are:

  • Closer by Joy Division:

Joy Division has always been one of those Goth bands that were comparatively less substantial and theatrical that the contemporary groups of that time as that of “Bauhaus,.” Their albums and records have primarily focused one unmistakable dread, unrequited love and mortification and guilt that was nothing very different from the Goth ideals. While their triggering music and songs kept going, Curtis’ troubled life and tragic suicide were what the last string of it all was. Their second album, Closer has been one of the most dreadful yet amazing albums that have been witnessed in the Goth music genre. It was released in 1980.

  • Faith by The Cure:

The Cure has always been one of the most critically acclaimed gothic bands of their time. After releasing their first album, the group started to divulge their interests and genre to a much darker and gloomy kind of music. Their single “A Forest” received positive responses with the beautiful and dark tunes culminated with the unmistakable post-Hooky basslines and chiming guitars. Following its release, their next album “Faith” was released in 1981 which was a totally different road from their prior records.

  • An Open Door by Soft Kill:

An Open Door was a huge impact on the modern Goth or post-punk genre of the darkwave circle and the song was a part of a project ensued by Tobias Grave who is part of the group Blessure Grave and was a collaboration with his wife and was finally released in the year 2010. It was even mentioned in several reports how the song picked up influences from The Chameleons and Wire.

  • The Brutal Wave by Frank (Just Frank):

sdsdsThe tracks from this duo are not a very conventional portrayal of gothic or punk rock kind of music but something with a bit of edge to it. The Brutal Wave is one such song from their album that brought them a lot of recognition and was critically acclaimed for this rather very odd release.

  • Survival Rate by Winter Severity Index:

This all-girl band which was formed back in 2009 has been applauded for the release of their EPs, Survival Rate being one of them. The song was released under collaboration with artist Valentina Fanigliulo in the year 2013 after which the band dissolved leaving behind only two band members with a somewhat promising and bright future somewhere along the road.

Dark wave is a term used in music to show music that makes use of new elements or synthesizers and synthpop. The term is however used to refer to bands that are based on post-punk and those that relate to the dark ambiance. The label of dark wave first appeared in Germany in the year 1970, and its appearance was a coincidence with a new wave then and post-punk. Based on the aforementioned principles, it is suffice to say that dark wave makes use of retrospective lyrics and a sorrow undertone in some of the bands that it is played on.

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