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Hey! Dark wave is a term used in music to show music that makes use of new elements or synthesizers and synthpop. The term is however used to refer to bands that are based on post-punk and those that relate to the dark ambiance. The label of dark wave first appeared in Germany in the year 1970, and its appearance was a coincidence with a new wave then and post-punk. Based on the aforementioned principles, it is suffice to say that dark wave makes use of retrospective lyrics and a sorrow undertone in some of the bands that it is played on. There was a subculture that was developed in Europe and this was made along the dark wave music. This subculture was developed in the 1980s and its members were given the name dark wavers or just waver.

As mentioned earlier, the term dark wave was first mentioned in Germany over thirty years ago. It was used to describe a dark and melancholic variety of a new wave of music such as rock (gothic type) and synthwave. Some of the musicians that first applied the dark wave


music genre were Division Joy, Bauhaus, Tears for fears, the Cure, the Chameleons, the sisters of mercy, Anne Clark, Cocteau twins, and Gary Numan among others.

The dark wave movement later moved from Germany and entered into the international scene leading to such developments such as cold wave from France. Some of the groups that cold wave described were Clair Obscur, Norma Loy, KAS Product, Opera Multi Steel, Asylum Party The breath of life, pavilion 7B, and the museum of devotion among others. As a result of this new development, other genres of dark wave were developed and every new genre was instrumental in influencing the other. The dark wave groups in Germany were also linked with Neue Deusche Welle, and this carried famous persons such as Xmal Deutschland, Invasion, Asmodi Bizarr, Moloko, and unlimited systems among others. Across the United States of America, dark wave had also managed to gain entry and the group that was instrumental in pushing the agenda of dark wave was Eleven Pond. This group managed to release only one album namely Bas Relief. This album was released in the year 1986.

The new wave bands that had been involved in very step in the formation of dark wave faded more so in the 1980s mid. However, this did not deter dark wave from moving forward. The genre would have died a natural death after the fading away of some of the founding members had it not been for German bands such as Love is colder than death, Diary of dreams, Deine Lakaien, Love like blood, and girls under glass, the genre would not be where it is today. Some German musicians had to develop some more interesting lyrics that augured well with the then generation so as to lure them to listening to the music again.